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Just weeks after V.E. day, Britain's great war leader Winston Churchill found himself in another battle - to be elected Prime Minister. But in one of the greatest election defeats of all time, Churchill was humiliated at the polls. His Conserv...
Throughout history there have been men and women who have changed the world and who have all been more controversial in death, than they were in life. In "The Last Days Of" we examine six giants of history, six world changing lives and six...
Some of the world’s top scientists and thinkers consider the most likely threats to humanity’s existence…and we’ll reveal just how the world really might end.
More than 500 years after the Princes disappeared the arguments about their fate rage as fiercely as ever. No bodies were produced, no funeral was performed. This is the ultimate medieval whodunit: there are villainous tyrants, scheming rivals, and t...

"I learnt more about Judaism in a simple hour of Simon Schama's perfect starter to The Story of the Jews than I have in all my years on Earth."

The Observer
Official Selection: Beir...

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We are excited to announce that a very special 60-minute screening of The Widowmaker will take place in London on Tuesday 1st September.

Oxford Films is delighted to announce that their feature Documentary The Widowmaker has launched across America and around the world to critical acclaim.

‘a lucid and important work of advocacy journalism’ – LOS ANGELES TIMES
‘the makings of a thriller, with heartbreaking loss’ … ‘co...

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